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February 7, 2022

13th Birthday Without the Birthday Boy

Will has been asking to write a post for a couple of weeks now to let Team Dalton about D-Feet Cancer’s latest events. I have asked him to wait for my own personal reasons. We are now 13 days away from the 13th birthday of the birthday boy. We have been planning ways to celebrate Dalton on his birthday that helps us both acknowledge our boy in our own ways.

Will asked me a couple of months ago if it would be okay if he ran from CHKD to our home on Dalton’s actual birthday. My reply was “I want to run away that day or even the entire birthday weekend”. I thought he was crazy for wanting to run almost 22 miles on February 19th. The weather first of all could be cold, rainy, snowy, sunny, warm, or a combination of all the above. The route is what made me the most nervous and still does. But I have learned that my fear of my husband getting hurt while running is a waste of time, because he is going to run whatever path he wants to. So after a week of thinking about it, my heart knew it was something Will needed to do to honor Dalton.

So I then in turn said well lets have a birthday party too that weekend. A 13th birthday is a big milestone birthday and deserves to be celebrated. The Dodge, Duck, Dive, D-Feet Cancer Dodge ball Tournament was decided to be the theme. We are going to celebrate Dalton on February 20th with dodge ball games and raising money for Ewing Sarcoma research. I must admit planning this weekend for Dalton is overwhelming, for me personally. So many emotions and memories that make it hard to be excited. But I do it for us and for the pediatric cancer families.

So here are the details to the weekend of celebrating our boy Saturday, February 19, 2022 (weather permitting for spectators and anyone who wants to run)

9:45 am : Gather at CHKD (the middle grassy area between Norfolk General and CHKD) –if you would like to run with Will reach out to us or just show up.

10:00 : Will and runners depart He plans on running 9 minute miles–see map in the pictures

10:45: 5 mile mark–there is a Harris Teeter that any runners that want to stop can have a ride waiting for them.

11:20: Mile 9 pit stop Food Lion: water, snack, bathroom break. Anyone can stop running, join in running, or just be there to say hello

11:30 off running again 12:40: Mile 16.5 Shorebreak Pizza for a snack and beer; again anyone can stop running, join in , or just be there to have a beer with Will.

1:30: Off running again

2:20 Mile 21 Trantwood Elementary (playground) where Jen and Rachel will join Will for the last mile to home. I don’t foresee weather stopping Will from running, but I will put something out here and social media if he is not going to run.

If you would like to donate $13 in honor of Dalton’s birthday please visit the foundation’s page to donate. Will has already raised over $10,000, just from Twitter. Please feel free to share!

February 20, 2022 We are celebrating with a Dodgeball Tournament. The mission is to celebrate by engaging our kids in a fun way to remember Dalton and to bring awareness to pediatric cancer. The details are in the image below if you would like to come watch or participate.

Elementary School division is full.

Middle School Division is full.

High School Division please register by February 13th. I have room for 7 more teams. If we don’t fill that up I can add more elementary teams. I have two teams that are on a waiting list.

Adult Division please register by February 13th. I have room for two more teams. If we don’t fill that up I can add more elementary teams. I have two teams that are on a waiting list.

Please use this link to register:

The 13th birthday without our boy won’t be easy. My original plan of running away still sounds like a good idea, but I know it will be easier to celebrate with family, friends, and a community celebrating alongside of us. 

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