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October 27, 2021

Introduction to D-Feet Cancer: The Dalton Fox Foundation

By Will Fox – proud Dad of Rachel and Dalton

Welcome to D-Feet Cancer: The Dalton Fox Foundation’s website.

As many of you know, our curious, funny, and caring 12 y/o son Dalton passed away in May 2021 from metastatic Ewing Sarcoma. I (his dad Will) never thought my kid would get cancer. I figured that bald kids attached to IV poles were sad but didn’t do anything to help. Then my whole world changed when D, as we often called him, was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma on March 5, 2018.

Dalton endured over three years of treatment which included countless chemo infusions, eleven surgeries, the loss of his left leg, two relapses, radiation, and even a surprise tattoo but throughout it D kept his positive attitude and sense of humor. To know Dalton was to laugh and be inspired. Collectively known as Team Dalton, numerous organizations, charities, and people helped Dalton, Jen (D’s mom), Rachel (big sister), and me through this horrible cancer journey over the last three and a half years. We are eternally grateful for all the help, prayers, well wishes, and gifts. But, we would trade it all in a heartbeat to have Dalton here with us today.

That’s the reason Jen and I, with a lot of help from our friends and family, created D-Feet Cancer The Dalton Fox Foundation. Our goal is to raise money and awareness of pediatric cancer, specifically Ewing Sarcoma, and use that money to fund promising research. Simply stated, no kid should have to go through what Dalton went through and we are determined to honor him by helping find a cure for Ewing Sarcoma.

You can help in a few ways.

Please take some time and click around our homepage to learn more about Dalton, Ewing Sarcoma, and our first donation that is directly funding Ewing Sarcoma research. Dalton was a unique kid but unfortunately his story is not. While it’s too late to help D, we have an opportunity to continue to highlight and fund promising Ewing Sarcoma research. Please consider making a donation and helping kids like Dalton beat this horrible disease. D-Feet Cancer is a volunteer led organization with a low overhead so the vast majority of your donation will go directly to researchers working on better treatments and a cure.

You can also help by promoting awareness.

Pediatric cancer is severely underfunded both domestically and worldwide. Did you know just 4% of the U.S. Federal cancer research budget is allocated to pediatric cancer research? Our kids deserve more than 4%! Additionally, here in our home state of Virginia, not one penny is currently allocated to help kids with cancer. Just because kids don’t vote or contribute to campaigns shouldn’t lead to them being ignored. Please reach out to your local, state, and federal government officials to demand more government resources for these kids.

Thank you for being a part of #TeamDalton! Together we are going to make a difference and help kids D-Feet Cancer.

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