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December 21, 2021


We have been hard at work on D-Feet Cancer The Dalton Fox Foundation. Jen and I have been planning a few events to honor Dalton’s birthday on February 19th and our wonderful D-Feet Cancer team is planning a 5K on May 21st as well as golf tournament in September and oyster roast in November. More details will be coming soon but for now we are ordering t-shirts.

We will be ordering D-Feet Cancer t-shirts by the end of December. All proceeds from the t-shirt sales will flow directly to Ewing Sarcoma researchers. There is quite a bit of exciting Ewing Sarcoma research taking place with doctors and scientists in Washington D.C., Cleveland, Philadelphia, Seattle, NYC and other cities. They are making real progress but need help to continue making progress. Your support and generosity enable us to help support this research.

I’ve attached a picture of the t-shirt. The color is heather blue, although the picture doesn’t really do the color justice. The shirts are also nice and soft; we received a few samples to make sure. If you would like a shirt, please click on the Google form link below and have at it. Some of the kids sizes are back-ordered, so feel free to order and you can pay when they come in. Thanks again for your support. Here’s the link:

You’ll notice on the form a section to tell us your favorite Dalton story. We love hearing about D. Please don’t feel that talking about Dalton in front of us will make us sad. It’s literally quite the opposite! We love hearing about our beloved boy. We know it’s awkward and you might not know what to say. Well we don’t really know what to say either but we do know that talking about Dalton makes us happier.

We hope everyone has a great Christmas break. Stay tuned for details about our upcoming events.

Will, Jen, and Rachel

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