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Winter 2024 Update

Welcome to 2024. D-Feet Cancer had a great 2023 and we are currently gearing up to help even more kids fight cancer in 2024. More details to come in our upcoming newsletter, but here is a summary of all things D-Feet Cancer.

Giving: D-Feet Cancer just agreed to fund another $100,000 of Ewing Sarcoma research being conducted at the University of Pittsburgh. We also expect to fund another $50K – $75K of research in the next month. These details and still being finalized but D-Feet Cancer expects to surpass $300,000 in funded research before Spring arrives. $300,000 granted to help find better treatments for Ewing Sarcoma and other pediatric cancers in two years thanks to our generous donors and sponsors. Thank you!

League of Larry: We have a new initiative here at D-Feet Cancer. We call it the League of Larry. By pledging a monthly recurring donation of $25/month or more, you too can join the League of Larry. Upon joining, you’ll get a D-Feet Cancer T-shirt and a D-Feet Cancer car magnet as well as our gratitude. Check out monthly giving here: League of Larry

Upcoming Events: We’ve updated the events tab on the website. Back this year are Dodgeball (March 23), Dalton’s Dash 5K (May 18), Skydiving (July 28), and Golf (October 11). Dodgeball registration is currently open and we expect to add registrations for the other events in the coming weeks. D-Feet Cancer is also planning our first ever gala tentatively scheduled for January 25, 2025. Stay tuned for additional details.

Gratitude: Will, Jen, Rachel, and the wonderful D-Feet Board thank you for supporting D-Feet Cancer since our inception a little over two years ago. $300,000 of pediatric cancer research funding is quite an achievement for a group of people who had no experience in forming and running a non-profit. We hope to continue to grow and fund even more research. If you would like to help us grow, please let us know. If you might be interested in helping with an event, fundraising, sponsorship, social media, administration, or just about anything else, please reach out via or use the contact form of We’d love to hear from you and thank you for helping us D-Feet Cancer.

Please check out the attached July 2023 D-Feet Cancer newsletter.

Read about the 2nd annual Dalton’s Dash 5K, a research update, Chris Taylor’s bat, and how to “Swim Like a Fox.”

We’ve got some exciting D-Feet Cancer events coming up this Fall. Our golf tournament will be held at Redwing Lake Golf Course in Virginia Beach on Friday October 13th. A month later, we will have an oyster roast, also in Virginia Beach on Saturday November 11th. Jen, I, and the entire D-Feet Cancer team would love to see you at one or both events. Check out the links below for more information and registration details.

Golf Tournament Oct. 13th:

Oyster Roast Nov. 11th:

Thank you so much for your support of D-Feet Cancer.

Will & Jen Fox

D-Feet Cancer The Dalton Fox Foundation

2023 Q1 Update

Please check out the attached March 2023 D-Feet Cancer newsletter.

Among other topics of interest, read about our recent $100,000.08 grant that is currently funding Ewing Sarcoma research. Can you guess Dalton’s favorite number?

We have also attached a summary of the research D-Feet Cancer is funding,  written for non-medical researchers like us.

Finally, we are holding our second Dalton’s Dash 5K on Saturday May 20th with both in-person and virtual options. Please take a look at the attached flyer or click on the link below to learn more. We would love to have you run with Team Dalton.

Thank you so much for your support of D-Feet Cancer.

Will & Jen Fox

D-Feet Cancer The Dalton Fox Foundation

Golf Tournament

The first ever D-Feet Cancer Golf Tournament is Friday October 14th at Red Wing Golf Course in Virginia Beach.

Get there around 11 to hit some range balls and grab some lunch before teeing off around noon.

There will be lunch, snacks, beer for sale, games, raffles, and even a challenge involving some crutches.

We are looking forward to seeing you on the course, having fun, and raising money for pediatric cancer research. For more information, check out our registration link:

SplasH2O Fundraiser

Swing by SplasH20 Saturday July 30th and/or Sunday July 31st to support D-Feet Cancer The Dalton Fox Foundation while getting your car cleaned. If you purchase a “Protect Wash” and punch in the code “8888” at check-in, SplasH20 will donate $5 to D-Feet Cancer where 100% of donations go to fund pediatric cancer research.

D-Feet Cancer and Jessy’s Taqueria food truck will also be at SplasH20 on Saturday along with giveaways and raffles. Come say hello, get your car washed, and help raise money to help kids like Dalton.

5K Thank You and Golf Tournament

Jen, Rachel, I, and the whole D-Feet Cancer board want to thank everyone who participated in the first ever Dalton’s Dash 5K. Thanks to you, we raised over $21,000 that will go directly to Ewing Sarcoma research. You can see our fundraising progress on the “Sponsorship” Thank you for supporting the silent auction, our various raffles, and for buying D-Feet cancer merchandise. We are even working on an online store so we can sell D-Feet Cancer t-shirts, sweatshirts, long sleeves, stickers, wristbands, and hats through the website.  A big thank you to our amazing volunteers who pulled off a great event despite none of us having any experience in running a 5K. In short, thank you for helping us D-Feet Cancer.

We have some more stuff in the works and we’ll let you know about them in the weeks and months ahead. Our next event is the first ever D-Feet Cancer Golf Tournament on Friday October 14th. After we figured out how to organize a 5K, we figured we would take a shot at running a golf tournament. The event will be held at Red Wing Lake Golf Course in Virginia Beach and start at noon. It’s a best-ball shot gun start and registration is now officially open. You can read more about it, register, and/or sign up for a sponsorship via this link:

Please share the link with family and friends. As always, every dime of our proceeds will go to Ewing Sarcoma research.

Thank you to our annual sponsors, One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning, ShoreBreak, Hot Tuna, Veterans United Foundation, Adler Therapy, and McCormick Law & Consulting and to our 5K sponsor The Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium for believing in our mission and helping us find better treatments and a cure for Ewing Sarcoma.

Dalton’s Dash 5k – May 21st

Thank you for all of your support at both the dodgeball tournament and my run from CHKD to home on Dalton’s birthday.

We had a blast at the dodgeball tournament and thoroughly enjoyed seeing a full crowd at the Virginia Beach Fieldhouse having a great time while raising money for Ewing Sarcoma research. The tournament ran smoothly thanks to all of our volunteers. A huge thank you to Jen and Kelly for organizing such a great event. We hope to make this an annual event so you’ve got eleven months to practice before our next tournament.

A big thank you to everyone who donated in honor of Dalton on my 22-mile run from CHKD to home and for those of you who met me along the way or celebrated with us as we walked the last mile home. We received donations from all fifty states and fifteen countries and even made the news. After all the donations were tallied, we raised over $19,000 that’s all going to research. I’ll run 22 miles for 19K anytime.

Speaking of running, our next event just opened for registration today. On Saturday, May 21st D-Feet Cancer will be hosting the first ever Dalton’s Dash 5K. You can go to the following website for all of the details. The 5K will be low key so feel free to run or walk. We also have a 100-yard dash for the little ones (or if Usain Bolt shows up) and a virtual option for our many non-local Team Dalton crew. If running or walking isn’t your thing, we also need a bunch of volunteers. Both participants and volunteers can sign up at the link below.


This 5K race is one of three major fundraising efforts D-Feet Cancer plans to undertake in 2022. We’ll have a golf tournament on Friday October 14th and are also planning an oyster roast in November. D-Feet Cancer is looking for annual sponsors to partner with. In return for helping us raise money for Ewing Sarcoma research, we will recognize and market our partner businesses at all three of our events and on social media throughout the year. If you know of a business that might be interested in partnering with us and becoming a D-Feet Cancer sponsor, please let me know. We would love to talk to them. Additionally, as part of each event, we will be holding silent auctions and/or raffles. If the timing isn’t right for a sponsorship, a donation of a silent auction or raffle item or service would be much appreciated. Just send an email to with any questions and/or requests.

Thank you for helping us help kids like Dalton and D-Feet Cancer. #TeamDalton rocks!

13th Birthday Without the Birthday Boy

Will has been asking to write a post for a couple of weeks now to let Team Dalton about D-Feet Cancer’s latest events. I have asked him to wait for my own personal reasons. We are now 13 days away from the 13th birthday of the birthday boy. We have been planning ways to celebrate Dalton on his birthday that helps us both acknowledge our boy in our own ways.

Will asked me a couple of months ago if it would be okay if he ran from CHKD to our home on Dalton’s actual birthday. My reply was “I want to run away that day or even the entire birthday weekend”. I thought he was crazy for wanting to run almost 22 miles on February 19th. The weather first of all could be cold, rainy, snowy, sunny, warm, or a combination of all the above. The route is what made me the most nervous and still does. But I have learned that my fear of my husband getting hurt while running is a waste of time, because he is going to run whatever path he wants to. So after a week of thinking about it, my heart knew it was something Will needed to do to honor Dalton.

So I then in turn said well lets have a birthday party too that weekend. A 13th birthday is a big milestone birthday and deserves to be celebrated. The Dodge, Duck, Dive, D-Feet Cancer Dodge ball Tournament was decided to be the theme. We are going to celebrate Dalton on February 20th with dodge ball games and raising money for Ewing Sarcoma research. I must admit planning this weekend for Dalton is overwhelming, for me personally. So many emotions and memories that make it hard to be excited. But I do it for us and for the pediatric cancer families.

So here are the details to the weekend of celebrating our boy Saturday, February 19, 2022 (weather permitting for spectators and anyone who wants to run)

9:45 am : Gather at CHKD (the middle grassy area between Norfolk General and CHKD) –if you would like to run with Will reach out to us or just show up.

10:00 : Will and runners depart He plans on running 9 minute miles–see map in the pictures

10:45: 5 mile mark–there is a Harris Teeter that any runners that want to stop can have a ride waiting for them.

11:20: Mile 9 pit stop Food Lion: water, snack, bathroom break. Anyone can stop running, join in running, or just be there to say hello

11:30 off running again 12:40: Mile 16.5 Shorebreak Pizza for a snack and beer; again anyone can stop running, join in , or just be there to have a beer with Will.

1:30: Off running again

2:20 Mile 21 Trantwood Elementary (playground) where Jen and Rachel will join Will for the last mile to home. I don’t foresee weather stopping Will from running, but I will put something out here and social media if he is not going to run.

If you would like to donate $13 in honor of Dalton’s birthday please visit the foundation’s page to donate. Will has already raised over $10,000, just from Twitter. Please feel free to share!

February 20, 2022 We are celebrating with a Dodgeball Tournament. The mission is to celebrate by engaging our kids in a fun way to remember Dalton and to bring awareness to pediatric cancer. The details are in the image below if you would like to come watch or participate.

Elementary School division is full.

Middle School Division is full.

High School Division please register by February 13th. I have room for 7 more teams. If we don’t fill that up I can add more elementary teams. I have two teams that are on a waiting list.

Adult Division please register by February 13th. I have room for two more teams. If we don’t fill that up I can add more elementary teams. I have two teams that are on a waiting list.

Please use this link to register:

The 13th birthday without our boy won’t be easy. My original plan of running away still sounds like a good idea, but I know it will be easier to celebrate with family, friends, and a community celebrating alongside of us. 


We have been hard at work on D-Feet Cancer The Dalton Fox Foundation. Jen and I have been planning a few events to honor Dalton’s birthday on February 19th and our wonderful D-Feet Cancer team is planning a 5K on May 21st as well as golf tournament in September and oyster roast in November. More details will be coming soon but for now we are ordering t-shirts.

We will be ordering D-Feet Cancer t-shirts by the end of December. All proceeds from the t-shirt sales will flow directly to Ewing Sarcoma researchers. There is quite a bit of exciting Ewing Sarcoma research taking place with doctors and scientists in Washington D.C., Cleveland, Philadelphia, Seattle, NYC and other cities. They are making real progress but need help to continue making progress. Your support and generosity enable us to help support this research.

I’ve attached a picture of the t-shirt. The color is heather blue, although the picture doesn’t really do the color justice. The shirts are also nice and soft; we received a few samples to make sure. If you would like a shirt, please click on the Google form link below and have at it. Some of the kids sizes are back-ordered, so feel free to order and you can pay when they come in. Thanks again for your support. Here’s the link:

You’ll notice on the form a section to tell us your favorite Dalton story. We love hearing about D. Please don’t feel that talking about Dalton in front of us will make us sad. It’s literally quite the opposite! We love hearing about our beloved boy. We know it’s awkward and you might not know what to say. Well we don’t really know what to say either but we do know that talking about Dalton makes us happier.

We hope everyone has a great Christmas break. Stay tuned for details about our upcoming events.

Will, Jen, and Rachel

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